Boost Your Company’s Morale and Plan An Employee Outing

employee outingsI have seen a lot of my friends, before they accept a new job, consider certain employee perks. Will my future boss be flexible with other projects I’m passionate about? Is the company all work and no fun? Is my wellbeing important to them? If you ask yourself these questions before you say yes to a new job, you are completely right in doing so! When your employees are happy, productivity will blossom, the work will be better, and success will ultimately follow.

Every successful businessman will tell you that their company would be nowhere if it weren’t for the great morale of their employees. This is why we want to help you in every which way we can. Our employee coupons will give you more opportunities to be creative with your next employee outing!

Here Are A Few Tips On Getting You There!

    • Consider Your Location – Are you close to a beach? Are you within 30 miles of a Theme Park or Resort? Think outside the box! Most major cities are located next to water. With summer time coming, water-involved activities can be a favorite choice.


    • Think of Group Activities – The idea of these outings, after all, is to increase the idea that you are a team. Also, a lot of your employees have families, and in this day and age, family vacations aren’t what they used to be. Why not give that gift to them? When you see your co-workers laughing and having fun with their family, aren’t they seen in a better light? ABN Save, a company similar to Smart Biz Savings, offers corporate discounts for Walt Disney World Resorts, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Bush Gardens that can help make these trips way more affordable.


    • Save Money – We know that cost is always on the back of your mind, or at least your accountant’s. There are small outings you can do without making it a big expense. Consider things like bowling nights, sporting events, and karaoke nights. You can even purchase a bundle of AMC Theater tickets at a discount and plan a movie night!


    • Make It Fun for EVERYONE – We all know there are negative employees that think they’re “too cool” to go on an employee outing. What interests them? Music? Theater? Concerts? Make everyone feel like they are being thought of. Allow them to bring a friend or two so they won’t feel so left out. Most of the time, when they’re with someone they’re comfortable with, it loosens them up to new conversation.


    • Make It an Experience – From beginning to end, an outing should be something worth bragging about. When one thing goes wrong, suddenly the entire trip can seem dull. Consider using your Hertz Business Rewards discount to pick up your party so they don’t have to worry about driving home, which is always an issue. Details make all the difference. Little gifts on the side, like movie coupons, candies, or even a company T-shirt can jumpstart the trip.


Good Morale Will Increase Success!

Recent studies have shown that happiness leads to a longer lifespan. I completely agree! The workplace shouldn’t be a sweat factory, it is an opportunity to build larger networks and grow as a company. Make them feel like they’re

doing something MORE than just a job!

Smart Biz Savings knows that the key to success lies with a company’s employees. There’s nothing like the feeling of waking up and loving your job. With our employee perks, there’s no reason why your company should have a bad day!

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