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The Smart Business Savings Blog is the ideal go to place for expert advice, suggestions and great practical tips for running a small to medium sized business. Running your business will become smoother, easier and definitely more profitable once you make use of the benefits of this blog. Saving money and generating more profit is every businessman’s dream. You can learn how to use our special discount programs for your business to help create higher profits by reducing your everyday costs with our discount programs and special coupons. We’ve negotiated bulk pricing with national suppliers like Hertz, Office Depot, T-Mobile and more so that your business can save big bucks on everyday purchases. Enjoy savings of up to 85% off – that’s the power of bulk sales!

Aside from getting these great tips, the Smart Business Savings blog informs its members about limited member coupons and specials from vendors that are not available anywhere else. These coupons are in the form of great savings or discounts on purchases made with affiliated member companies of Smart Business Savings. With every purchase made with these limited coupons, members are rewarded with discounts and savings. These savings are only extended to the members of the Smart Business Savings. There is no compulsion to purchase if you are a member; however if you do decide to make a purchase, Smart Business Savings does not step into the purchase process nor does it set a minimum quantity requirement for purchase. Purchases are made directly from the vendor or service provider. Members only need to enter through a Smart Business savings link or provide the coupon discount code provided to make their purchase.

How it works?

Smart Business Savings negotiates corporate discounts through leveraging the collective purchasing power of its members. Individuals would probably purchase a single item from a vendor, but Smart Business Savings gathers hundreds of members who are potential shoppers. This way, vendors and service providers are able to sell more and thus extend a better rate for their products and services. Savings on daily consumer products and services like car rentals, office supplies, hotels, flowers and many more such items benefit small businesses and individuals greatly. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved. Money saved is money earned, as the saying goes – these savings can go into the annual holiday fund, business emergency account or even your employee retirement fund. We are linked with reputable everyday names like Office Depot, Hertz, Wyndham Hotel Group (Days Inn, Super 8, Ramada and more) and many others. Discounts from Smart Business Savings can help members save up to 85% off their purchases. Now who would want to say no to something like that?

How do I become a member?

If there is one word everyone loves, it is the word ‘free’! Membership to Smart Business Savings is absolutely free and obligation free. There are no hassles of monthly payments, hidden fees, membership renewals and paid memberships. Our main aim is to help our members spend their money wisely. Simply register as a member and visit us regularly to look out for the best coupons and deals that pop up in this blog and you are on your way to great savings. Once you pick a deal, just follow the member link which will take you to the vendor’s website and take the code provided with you. It’s as short and simple as that. Do note that every code is different. Once you have decided and purchased a coupon deal, be sure to visit the vendor’s specific page. Here you will get specific information about the product or service, tips, dos and don’ts on redeeming the member discount and other terms and conditions.

Happy saving!

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