Long Term Care

Get a Free Quote and Discount on Long Term Care Insurance

Get a Free Quote and Discount on Long Term Care Insurance

Peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

Association for Long Term Care Planning (ALTCP) is a long term care insurance agency that provides free long term care information, resources, and expert planning advice to anyone regardless of age. The misconception among Americans is that long term care only applies to the elderly. However, the need for this type of care can strike anyone overnight. This means that the high cost of long term care could just be around the corner and this can take a devastating turn very quickly without a comprehensive plan in place. This is what ALTCP strives to get across. 70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long term care in their lives.

Be worry free and protect your savings, home and family assets with Long Term Care Insurance. Long Term Care offers the lowest prices with the top providers. Just go to http://www.altcp.org/sbs/members and submit a free quote! You may be eligible for a premium discount for you and your family members.

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