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Comfortable beds and Free Wi-Fi

At RLH Corporation, they know that the best vacations are the ones where you only follow travel guides, but rather the ones where you mix things up and strike up conversations with locals and visit the places they recommend. Opening the door to the best local experiences for travelers since 1959, Red Lion has built a legacy on paving the way to great adventures on the West Coast.  Never forfeiting service or convenience for the sake of status or over-the-top luxury, they pride themselves on knowing the best mom n' pop diner and the most delicious burger spot nearby, where to get a local brew and catch the sports game, that secret fishing spot only the locals know about and the kind of hiking trail that natives only whisper about. 

After a day of adventure, retreat to an inviting guest room with comfortable beds and free Wi-Fi, and hotel features that support your unique pursuits. Whether you are staying in one of their affordable hotels in British Columbia or the Pacific Northwest for leisure or business, you can count on warm service, restful sleep and the kind of local knowledge you simply won't find elsewhere. 

A stay at a RLH Corporation hotel will guarantee you many things, but this most of all - local wisdom. So play, rest, work, do it all, or do nothing at all, but be sure to do so with great rates and friendly service at RLH Corporation. 

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