Privacy Policy

General Information Collected At collects the following information about the users of its website, regardless of whether or not they choose to join‘s business to business membership group: the browser information of the browser being used to view, referring webpage URLs, and referring search engine keywords. This information is used to ensure website feature compatibility and website users’ primary interests in

Access to this specific information is only available to and is not shared with third parties of any kind. Generalizations of this information, including percentages, are shared with reputable third party companies for the purposes of‘s website improvement.

Voluntary Information Collected At collects certain information, including membership information, on a voluntary basis at This includes contact and company information. will never collect any kind of payment or banking information, even on a voluntary basis.

Access to voluntarily provided information on is granted to certain reputable third parties unless directed by the volunteer not to do so. All reputable third parties given access to this information are in contractual relationships with including non-disclosure clauses; so no voluntary information shared with these reputable third parties will reach beyond that point.

Uses of voluntary information provided to by members include various marketing efforts and tracking of usage. Electronic marketing efforts undertaken by with the usage of voluntarily provided information, including email addresses, will be ceased within 2 business days if the volunteer of the information requests it.

The use of voluntary information provided to by reputable third parties is limited to approved marketing efforts. These approved marketing efforts undertaken by reputable third parties fall under the third parties’ individual privacy policies. If through these approved marketing efforts additional third parties obtain this information, claims no responsibility as at the time the information was beyond the bounds of‘s control. In addition, if through these efforts by approved reputable third parties a relationship is formed between the third party and the volunteer, any information then provided by the volunteer to the third party is at the volunteer’s own risk and does not fall into the bounds of this policy.

At the volunteer’s request, all voluntary given information will be provided to the volunteer. Such requests can be made electronically through’s contact page.

Information Gathered By collects some information about its website users from reputable third party sources. This information includes contact and company sales information. The details of this information are only available to and is not shared with third parties of any kind.

This information is used for tracking of‘s usage. By request, this information will be shared with the website user it concerns after proper verification.

Privacy Policy Changes & Questions may periodically change this privacy policy. Questions about this privacy policy should be directed to electronically through’s contact page.