SmartBizSavings.com Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Discounted Needs!

SmartBizSavings.com, located online at SmartBizSavings.com, is a privately owned U.S. based company founded in 2008. SmartBizSavings.com is a business to business membership group comprised of small businesses ranging in size from sole-proprietors to 150-employee corporations.

Mission Statement

SmartBizSavings.com will bring the best corporate savings available from the nation’s largest business supply and service providers free of charge to all small businesses unable to negotiate such discounts on their own, without intervening in the purchasing process.

What SmartBizSavings.com Does

SmartBizSavings.com is able to negotiate corporate discounts for small businesses through the combined purchasing power of the SmartBizSavings.com membership. While any single SmartBizSavings.com member may only purchase a small amount, the entire SmartBizSavings.com membership purchasing amount is a large quantity, so national supply and business service providers are able to offer the discounts reserved for large corporations to the entire SmartBizSavings.com membership.

How SmartBizSavings.com Operates

No SmartBizSavings.com member is required is make a purchase, and when purchasing, SmartBizSavings.com doesn’t set a minimum quantity requirement. SmartBizSavings.com will never step into the sales process, all SmartBizSavings.com members purchase directly from the business supply or service provider of their choice. Membership savings are redeemed during purchase by entering through a SmartBizSavings.com link or supplying the provided SmartBizSavings.com discount codes or account numbers.