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      I used to spend hours looking for ways to save on my business expenses. Finding SmartBizSavings.com has saved me time and money. - President, Universal Medical Suppliers, INC.
How much will I pay to join?

SmartBizSavings.com is completely free; we have no sign-up or membership fees. So we will never charge you for any of our services.

Am I eligible for any discount?

Every SmartBizSavings.com member is eligible for all of the discounts located on the site.

How soon can I start saving?

Once you have finished signing up for SmartBizSavings.com you can start using the discounts.

If I don’t own a small business, can I still join?

Yes. You do not have to own a business in order to use the SmartBizSavings.com discounts.

I can see the discount codes, why should I join?

Membership is more than just the discount codes and coupons you see online at SmartBizSavings.com. Members receive additional discounts and savings electronically every week. The stronger SmartBizSavings.com‘s membership is the better discounts we can provide – meaning you’ll save even more.

Is my contact information safe with SmartBizSavings.com?

Yes. SmartBizSavings.com works diligently to protect our members’ information. We do not ever sell member information. Our vendors sometimes require our members’ information for membership verification purposes, but they will never use it in any way without direct permission from SmartBizSavings.com

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