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Members Save 10% off and Get 1 Free Month with Any Plan at DentalPlans.com

Members of Smart Business Savings now have access to the DentalPlans.com coupon code SMARTSAVE which will grant a savings of 10% off of a dental plan purchase, plus 3 months free of charge!

Information About Dental Plans

Companies usually fret over dental insurance for their employees; more so because of the rising costs of buying dental insurance. Here is some good news for company owners – introducing DentalPlans.com – the most popular online dental plan provider that can save you lots of money and allow you to pick the services you need!

DentalPlans.com offers you, the company owner and your team of employees a choice of more than 30 national and regional discounted dental plans. DentalPlans.com aims to provide Americans with quality dental care while they save money. A professional team of dentists is always available through your DentalPlans.com coverage.

DentalPlans.com Coupon SMARTSAVE Benefits

DentalPlans.com is now offering a lucrative 10% savings on the purchase of any plan through the SBS DentalPlans.com coupon code SMARTSAVE. There is more – you also get three free months with any plan you purchase. There are several plans to pick from – Aetna Dental Access Plan, Patriot Plan, Alliance Healthcard Gold Card Plan, and many others. For an individual, these plans begin from as low as $84.95 per year and for a family, the plans are as low as $109.95 per year. Once you sign up for any of these plans, you are entitled to savings of up to 40% for services. Some of these packages offer free cleaning and check-up services for the entire year!

If you already have existing dental insurance, use our DentalPlans.com coupons along with your dental insurance for more dental care savings. You can also use our dental plans to cover yourself once you have reached the annual limit on your own dental insurance plan. You also have the option of selecting dental plans that offer excellent discounts on braces and cosmetic dental services like whitening and veneers.

By entering the DentalPlans.com discount code, you can save on cleanings, checkups, fillings and much more. DentalPlans.com is different from other insurance coverage plans as there are no health restrictions, no annual limits and no paperwork hassles. As soon as you sign up for a plan, it is activated within three working days. There is no application fee charged to your organization.

It’s very easy to use the SBS DentalPlans.com coupon. Simply click on the member link and you will be taken to DentalPlans.com to begin the registration process. Just choose the package that suits your company best and enter the DentalPlans.com discount code to receive your 10% discount immediately.

Smart Business Savings and DentalPlans.com bring you the most attractive packages for your dental care needs.

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