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Breanna Wilson Shares How to Get Work Done while You Travel with Fast Company

6 SIMPLE STEPS TO MASTER PRODUCTIVITY ON THE ROADOur very own business travel expert, Breanna Wilson, recently shared her article “6 Simple Steps to Master Productivity on the Road” with FastCompany.com. Breanna is always on the go for her work as the Director of Marketing and she’s picked up more than her fair share of tricks along the way when it comes to business travel. In her article, Breanna outlines the 6 basic steps you can take to ensure you’re as productive up in the sky as you are down on the ground.

The first item on Breanna’s list: choose an airline that offers everything you need. In business today, we’re all basically glued to our phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Make sure you select an airline that supports you with Wi-Fi, outlets, and even VIP lounges for you to work in. Onboard Wi-Fi is essential; because when you’re high in the sky, you want to make sure you can reach the cloud—the Internet cloud. Breanna’s best advice for working on documents while on the road is to save everything to the cloud. That way, no matter where you are, you’ll always have access to what you need. Well,

as long as your plane offers Wi-Fi, that is.

Selecting an airline and utilizing the cloud are only 2 of Breanna’s 6 steps to being productive while traveling. Read the rest of her useful tips in her full article on FastCompany.com.

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