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Business Travel Discounts: Time for Spring Travel

spring travel discounts 2013As the cold winter is slowly coming to an end, the thought of spring getaways are becoming a reality.  Whether you go to a vacation destination every year with your family, or you are starting a new tradition, spring travel is a great way to get away from a busy world and make memories.  After all, it is the memories we remember.  However, spring is also a time of business travel, which is also important this time of year.

Now that you have made up your mind, “I should really go somewhere this spring,” where will you go?  How will you get there?  Do you have the money?  The last question rang in your head a bit louder than the others, and I am sure you are thinking, “Oh wait, can I really afford a vacation?”  The truth is we often put things off because we are trying to save money, which is commendable to an extent, but we can’t put our lives on hold forever.  So let’s look for a compromise between that amazing $5,000 a night resort and staying in the house all spring with ice cream and the movie channels.

Choosing Your Perfect Low Cost Destination

Step one, where do you want to go?  Maybe you’re a beach person and see yourself in Miami for a weekend of sun and sand, or perhaps a mountain person and want to be in Arizona to hike the Grand Canyon.  Whatever vacation is right for you, it is out there, but we need to make sure it fits within your reasonable budget, so you can continue to save money and still get that vacation you’ve so desperately needed.

Step two, where will you stay once you get to your desired location?  This is always such a daunting task, especially since there are so many options.  Keep in mind that saving is high on the list; we don’t want to go way over budget on this trip.  One phenomenon that has been popping up is discount and promotional codes.  These codes can be used for everything from hotels, and select resort groups, to rental cars.  Some of these discount codes are; 20% off any Wyndham Group Hotel with the Corporate ID 1000006356, 20% off a Hertz Rental Car with CDP Code 1931240, or 5% off Dollar Rent A Car with Corporate CD# TB7093.  These codes and many more on a vast array of services are available at smartbizsavings.com, which is a business discount site dedicated to providing discounts through access to all kinds of discount codes and promotions.

Not traveling as an individual or a family, but for work?  No problem, why not help your company save money this spring on all your business travel?  Not only do these codes work for individuals, but they were actually established as a business-to-business discount.  Smart Biz Savings was specifically tailored to help any size business receive the corporate discounts that big companies receive from national chains like Office Max, Hertz, the Wyndham Hotel Group, Dollar Rent A Car, Best Buy, and many more.  To check out what discounts are right for you or your company, go to smartbizsavings.com, where membership and signing up are both completely free.  Discounts also include places like the MGM Resorts International, perfect for a business convention in Vegas, or an individual getaway with your friends.  Regardless if you’re an individual or a business, where you are headed, or whom you may be going with, Smart Biz Savings has you covered with all the best discounts.

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