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SmartBizSavings.com: Now Offering a 5% Discount on Thrifty Car Rentals

2013 thrifty couponThe time to start thinking about spring travel is now, and maybe even summer travel plans as well, all of which will likely include a Rental Car.  Rental cars allow you to have the freedom in a destination city as though you were back in your home town or city, you are able to go wherever you need to without worrying about cabs, friends, or family to drive you around.  When these trips are for business, it is even more important to be independent and punctual when getting to and from meetings or locations.

Should I Purchase Car Rental Insurance?

One major question that a lot of car renters have is; do I purchase insurance on my rental car?  This is a very good question, since there is nothing worse than getting into a car accident without coverage, it can mean high legal and medical expenses, most of which the average person doesn’t have extra money to deal with.  One key aspect in figuring out if you are insured when renting a car is, what is your personal insurance coverage on your own vehicle?   Most insurance policies have coverage for drivers when they rent a car, usually matching the policy on your own automobile.  If you are planning on renting a car, call up your insurance company and talk to them about your rental car coverage, what exactly it covers, and if they suggest you purchase additional coverage from the rental car company for liability or collision.  In addition to your personal insurance covering rental cars, many people don’t know that major credit card companies, particularly the one used to book the rental car, often already provide you with coverage for rental cars.  The best thing to do is call your insurance and credit card companies in advance, and see what exactly you are insured for.

Making sure you, or even more important your company, are covered is paramount.  The worst time to find out what all your coverage entails is when you actually need it; so advanced preparation is key to renting a car.  In addition to making sure you have adequate coverage for the duration of your car rental, it is also ideal to seek out savings when doing initial price comparisons.  In todays rental car market there are so many companies to choose from, as well as so many different types of cars.  Chances are you will choose one of the larger rental car companies, probably due to their diverse vehicle fleet and high number of locations.  One such company that will be on your radar is Thrifty, which Smart Biz Savings can save you an extra 5% off with the 2013 Thrifty coupon code CD # 0010230792.

Thrifty – Answering Your Rental Car Needs

Thrifty Rental Company, one that is sure to show up in your search regardless of the destination, is one of the largest rental car companies in the world.  Thrifty is known for their large selection of vehicles, as well as their reasonable pricing.  And as stated before, with SmartBizSavings.com, anyone can enjoy an Extra 5% Off Any Thrifty Car Rental With Coupon Code CD # 0010230792.

Who Is Smart Biz Savings?

SmartBizSavings.com (SBS) is a company dedicated to providing savings on all kinds of services businesses and individuals’ use.  Using SBS can be a great way to save on all kind of things.  For example, say you need help with incorporating a new business or tax preparation, SBS offers discounts of up to 15% on those services.  Need a hotel to go with your rental car from Thrifty?  No problem, Smartbizsavings.com offers discounts of 20% for the entire Wyndham Hotel Group, which includes Days Inn, Super 8 motel, Travelodge, Ramada, Howard Johnson, and many more.  Saving is fast and easy, as well as completely free, what do you have to lose?  Start saving today!

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