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Do’s and Don’ts of Business Travel

business travel adviceWhen it comes to business travel, conventions, meetings abroad, and other networking travels, costs can be an investment – a chance to mingle with people in your field and possibly start business arrangements that will benefit both parties. However, we want to be smart about this!

Here are a few helpful tips to get started. Once you are aware of these simple facts, business travel will be a breeze. Take control of your trip and don’t end up regretting a single thing!


    • Make A Cost Sheet! I know this may seem obvious, but most companies neglect to keep a budget check list of sorts before they depart. Know EXACTLY where your money is going and EXACTLY how flexible you are able to be if last minute surprises happen. Housing, transportation, food/beverage, and an extra account are important for purchases that will come to your attention.


    • Get Organized! Keeping a binder with all of your travel information, meeting times and places, lunch and dinner reservations, and pictures with helpful information about the people you will be meeting are all important. You are representing your company and the last thing you need is to look unorganized. Stick to the binder as much as possible on your trip – it will protect you from anxiety if something goes wrong, and we all know how that tends to happen!


    • Consider Tax Deductible Expenses! Things like business dinners, gas mileage, internet fees, and even tips are considered to be tax deductible. Keep ALL of your receipts wherever you go and deliver them to your accountant when you get back to the office. Be smart and reap your rewards as a business!


    • Choose your Hotel Wisely! Sometimes, hotels can be swamped with professionals just like you. If you are holding business meetings in your hotel room, consider the noise factor. Are you by a pool? Are you next to the elevator, lobby or kitchen? Usually the higher up you are, the quieter it is. Most hotels have conference rooms that you can rent – be sure to use them, it can make your meetings much more productive.


  • Make Practice Questions For Yourself! Be confident in who you are and what your company does. People will ask you all sorts of questions like, “Why should we trust you?” or “What does your company have that I can’t get anywhere else?” or “What are your plans for the future?” Make them comfortable by showing them how much you are. Know your stuff!



    • Don’t Over Pack! This is where the Magic Binder will help you. Know your meetings, know the people, and most importantly, know the dress code! We all want to look our best, but walking into a hotel with a lot more bags than you can carry might tell potential partners that you are aloof. Be smart!


    • Don’t Spend Carelessly! Let’s say you meet a potential partner or client and they want to go on a golfing trip while you are in town. Is this a good idea? You’re the judge, but remember, fun expenses like this are NOT tax deductible – consider the side account, is it in the budget? Don’t buy new gadgets that vendors might be selling unless it will benefit your business in the future. Think of it this way: What Will Suze Orman Do?


  • Don’t Make A Bad Impression! People try way too hard to impress. Don’t! The most important thing is to be yourself and be a good representative of your company. Bring one extra of everything like batteries, folders, pens, cards, brochures, etc. Most importantly, drink in moderation at dinner – even if everyone else isn’t, be the grounded one. Don’t lose control and say or do something that could hurt you or your company’s reputation.


Start Planning Ahead Today!

With so many travel coupons to choose from, it is literally impossible to not be prepared for your trip. You can save up to 20% on a rental car by using a Hertz Discount. Choose your hotel stay by comparing prices and business discounts available. And don’t forget our discount code for 1-800-Flowers. Make an impression and send potential associates a bouquet to thank them for being a part of your journey.

Business travel does not need to be stressful, that’s why we make it easy! Smart Biz Savings can get you where you need to be, and let you do what you need to do, worry-free!

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