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How to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

Family VacationWe all love going on vacation but hate the price tag. Luckily, there is more than one way to save money along the way, no matter where you’re vacationing.

Tips To Saving On Your Vacation

Think Outside the Hotel Box–There are plenty of other options out there other than expensive hotels.

If you have a big car and you like to commune with the outdoors, consider a campsite. There are plenty of campsites scattered throughout the US, many of them near your destination of choice or located on your way there. Campgrounds come in all shapes and sizes. Do your research and you can find a site fully equipped with restrooms, showers, recreation areas, internet, and more. All for less than half the price of a hotel!

Other options for housing include apartment rentals or house-sitting. For individuals or groups comfortable with staying in someone else’s place and willing to clean up after they leave, apartment rentals and house-sitting are two great options for cheap lodging away from home. Check out sites such as www.airbnb.com or MindMyHouse.com to find great deals in cities across the world.

Twofer Package Deals—“Splurge” for an all-inclusive vacation package to save big.

Get the most out of your reservation by booking more than one thing at once. Many sites such as Priceline or Travelocity will offer package deals that allow you to purchase your flight, hotel, and rental car all at once. Sometimes, they even have partnerships with big attractions, such as Universal Studios or the Las Vegas Venetian, that allow you to purchase packages that include tickets and other offers.

By purchasing package deals, you bundle all your costs under one umbrella and typically includes discounted rates for everything included.

Drive Down the Car Costs—Save on both your rental car and your gas costs.

There are multiple ways to save on rental cars. For starters, if you join a reward program, such as Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, you can save on every rental and rack up points to save big next time around. You can also save through discount membership sites (*cough*SmartBizSavings) that provide reservation discount codes.

Another secret to saving a little on your car rental is arriving early. If you show up early and ask for a type of car that they don’t have back yet, they might just be forced to give you a free upgrade to whatever more luxurious car they have in stock.

Get Rewarded for Your Loyalty—Join loyalty programs to receive VIP treatment for less.

Choose your favorites and stick with them. If you have a favorite airline (which you probably do, especially if you live in or near a hub), sign up for their loyalty program. Same goes for your favorite hotel chain and rental car service. Loyalty reward programs grant

you access to discounted rates, added perks, and sometimes free upgrades.

Buy Smart To Save Smart

For travel savings year round, sign up for a credit card that earns you travel rewards. There are tons of credit card options that earn you points towards discounted airline travel or hotel savings every time you use them.


Anna Albi is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, where she received a B.A. in Creative Writing with an additional major on Professional Writing. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Professional Writing, also at CMU. Feel free to reach out to her through Google+.

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