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Mobile Marketing Is Gaining Momentum

In the last five years, mobile apps for businesses have become a discussion in every conference room in America. There’s no arguing that smart phones are slowly starting to replace computers – at least for the younger demographic. Teenagers are doing their own research, planning, and scheduling activities with their mobile phone.

As new mediums start to become reality, the marketing world MUST grow along with it. If we constantly try to better the current medium, eventually we will have a great product that is out of style. There’s no point in wasting time on a product with a shrinking market.

Get Hooked Up With Mobile Apps

Mobile marketers are highly sought after nowadays, and the really good ones will try to stay true to your vision. Most mobile apps can be running within a few weeks, and when it is launched you will have created the easiest way possible to serve your clientele.

 Offer Coupons Only Accessible On Mobile Apps – This is an excellent way at reaching your customers. Not only will you likely get more service, but you will gain respect and loyalty. Everyone is saving money nowadays, help them out. Another smart thing to do is to offer daily coupons with a different special each time – this will increase the traffic flow due to the anticipation, plus will mostly likely create a word of mouth marketing tool.
 Avoid Charging Customers – Charging $2 -$5 to clients for your app is always a risky thing. Most people have had the experience of paying for an app that is crummy, so they don’t want to repeat the same mistake. The most successful of apps, like Angry Birds, don’t charge! The point of the app is to HELP. The returns will happen eventually, once you make the point across that by them taking one minute out of their day to download the app, it will benefit them in the long run.
 Quality Over Marketing – In a recent study made of 250 businesses, 46% of them said that when asking customers what made them choose their services, they said the overall development of their website/app. 43% said they found it by advertisements on social media. What does this say? It’s a close race, but still quality beats marketing any day. Consider what kind of style your business is. What story do you want to get across? Translate that in colors, options, and resources. GPS locations, FAQs, and easily read directions are great since most young adults use their phone as a mapping system. Don’t let them have an issue – Ever!
 Send Updates – When something exciting happens or you’re offering something of value, this is when you can keep your followers up to date. However, you should avoid sending updates that are not important. Send reminders ONLY when necessary. We all know the feeling of annoying updates. Don’t give them an excuse to delete your app.

Create Your Niche

Every company is different and with small companies it seems nearly impossible to grow in this economy. This is when street smarts come into play. You need to think outside the box and consider your markets, services, and locations and decide how to translate that into an engaging tool for your phone apps.

Get your brand and find an appealing logo and use that to further show the world who you are. Mobile marketing is the strongest, most personal way to advertise. Let’s get it going for 2014!

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