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Save Money with our New UPS Discount Program

UPS Shipping DiscountUPS has joined forces with Smart Biz Savings to create new ways of saving money by offering some of the Best Shipping Discounts For Businesses And Individuals there are, and they’re available to every one of our members! Whether it’s next day air, two day air, worldwide express, or standard, the discounts are just as great as the service you will receive from UPS.

UPS is the world’s largest franchise in business, postal, printing, and retail services, having nearly 4,700 independently owned locations in North America. Being an employee of a small or medium business can require a lot of packaging and shipping, especially across the country. Today, the prices of postal charges seem like they’re getting higher every day. Thankfully, UPS shares the same philosophy we do – to save their loyal customers money! UPS has saved me from numerous headaches, and with their new shipping discounts of up to 28%, I know they will save me from many more!

How Does It Work?

It’s as easy as three clicks. Follow the link that UPS created for our members:


Once you are on the page, you have two options. If you do not yet have a UPS Account, go ahead and click on that option – it won’t take very long to create your account and it is well worth it in the end! Now, if you do have a UPS account, and you don’t already have it linked to Smart Biz Savings, all you need to do is click the “I have an existing UPS Account” provide your account number and you’re set. After that, you can do your business as usual on the UPS website. Ship, restock, print labels, everything you need, with one difference – you will constantly be saving. Remember, the more you ship, the more you save! So while your packages are getting heavier and more frequent, you can rest your mind at ease when you see your discounts growing along with them.

Everyone that has worked in an office knows the dreaded word: deadline. Sometimes due to unfortunate circumstances, troubles can get in the way of making one’s deadline to clients, co-counsel, court, or any other individual. The frantic hurry can create more piles of packages, documents, and products to be sent out as fast as they can. No matter how many packages you need to send, whether it’s ten dollars worth or a thousand dollars worth, our UPS Discount will help you get it there.

Save Your Company Money!

Today’s economy has made everyone a little on edge. Money and stress go hand in hand when making decisions that somehow didn’t seem as important ten years ago. Mailings are inevitable – it’s crucial when running your company. Why not ease the burden?

When it’s this easy to save money, there is no excuse to not do it. Smart Biz Savings wants to help you in any way we can to save you money. What seems like a little at a time becomes a pyramid of savings at the end of the year, and with that extra cash, why not throw the Christmas Party your employees have been talking about?

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