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The 5 Best 4th Of July Destinations for 2013

4th of July 2013Traveling For The Fourth Of July Is One Of My Favorite Parts About Summer, besides the excellent beach weather of course. No matter what color, age, or religion you are, our nation’s Independence Day seems to bring everyone together in unity as Americans, and the celebrations can be endless! Fireworks, hotdogs, party hats and cook outs – every option is better than the next.

However, here is some advice: if you want the best 4th of July trip you can have, start planning EARLY! Use Smart Biz Savings’ hotel coupons to book rooms for your family and friends so that you can get a jump start in planning the rest of your stay. Every city usually has its unique way of celebrating the holiday; let me give you a few ideas.

Five Favorite Places For 4th Of July Travel:

CHICAGO! This city has the best of both worlds. You can lounge on the beach at Lake Michigan during the day, and at night, enjoy the celebrations near the river, Millennium Park, or the Navy Pier. If you want hot dogs, this is the best place to be! Not only that, but if you use our Marriott hotel discount, you can save money at the Chicago Marriott Downtown – center stage to all the action. A great place to bring your family, Chicago is always family and pet friendly.


LAS VEGAS! Whenever celebrations are in the horizon, Sin City is always in the back of everyone’s minds. During the 4th of July,every hotel on the strip has ongoing pool parties and free drinks! There’s nothing like diving into the water in the middle of a hot desert sun. Get ready for the best part: Smart Biz Savings has discounts for all MGM Resorts Hotels, like MGM Grand, Luxor, New York New York, Circus Circus, Bellagio, and much more! The city has always been great for a weekend getaway with your group of friends – and trust me, it really is true what they say about Vegas.


ORLANDO! Perfect for families, Orlando has everything one needs to have a great time. Disney World, Universal, Sea World, all within a twenty mile radius. Use our Hertz Discount CDP Code and get major discounts by renting a car with the family. Make this a vacation the kids will never forget! Go to one of the city’s public parks and lay out in the sun, play catch, make a picnic – enjoy yourselves.


NEW ORLEANS! This is one city that is perfect for everyone – friends, family, loved ones, it has all you need. Romance, freedom, and attractions are all at arm’s reach. The infamous French Quarter is growling with all sorts of people, from everywhere around the world. The love boats and bayou tours are great for watching fireworks with your loved ones. With as much trouble that New Orleans has gone through, they have certainly returned better than ever.


WASHINGTON D.C! Are you surprised that this is on the list? If you can imagine how crazy it can be in other cities, just imagine how it can be at our nation’s capital! The fun starts during the day – and it is a city wide event. Parades, live bands, and eventually the fireworks show, so poignantly shown over the Washington Monument. Create a memory for your family and take them to Washington D.C. as a reminder of how our great nation came to be. With our hotel discounts, it is easy to find affordable hotels in the area!


Plan Your 4th Travels Accordingly

In order to have the best vacation you can possibly have, you must first know who is attending. What kind of people will be going? Will it be with your family? Friends? Co-workers? Do some research and see what each city offers. Some cities, you will find, are better suited for the needs of your group than others.

Don’t waste another second – the earlier you plan, the more you will save! Smart Biz Savings is all about saving money. Browse through our vast number of 2013 travel coupons, and in a matter of minutes, you will have your entire Fourth of July Vacation mapped out. Happy Early Independence Day!

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