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Women: What to Keep in Mind When Traveling Abroad

Women Travel TipsIt’s a rough world out there. And when you’re on your dream trip, although you might be seeing through rose colored glasses, the world is no different.

Traveling is one of the greatest joys in the world, but it can sometimes be a scary journey too. I’ve discovered that experiences traveling abroad as a woman are often quite different than our male counterparts’ experiences. Women by nature are more open and friendly to strangers, often making them a target for pickpockets and worse. Just a few simple things to be aware of can save your trip from taking a disastrous turn.

Travel Tips for Women

    • Know your surroundings. Even though you are in an area you’ve probably never been in before, feelings and situations around the world are universal. If you’re getting a bizarre vibe from someone, trust your instincts. Walk around the area in a circle if you feel you’re being followed, chances are it isn’t a coincidence if the person is still behind you when you end up where you started. If you’re staying in a hotel that’s nearby, go to your hotel lobby and ask for help. If you’re staying in an apartment or rental property without a front desk receptionist or security guards, don’t go back there. In most instances you’ll be able to find a police officer on the street; find a female officer if possible, she’s more likely to understand.


    • Pack wisely. Unless you’re going to a gala or other upscale affair, don’t pack unnecessary jewelry and accessories. Don’t attract attention and make yourself a target by wearing your best and brightest jewelry, sunglasses and purse out shopping and sightseeing for the day. In a city full of tourists, you’ll be sure to stand out as the tourist du juor to be targeted. Just don’t pack it, and definitely don’t wear it unless an occasion calls for it.


  • Be prepared for anything and keep calm if something goes wrong. Something is bound to go wrong on your trip. Whether it is something small like missing your train or something larger like suffering a major injury, always be prepared. Know how to contact the local authorities in an emergency. Understand before leaving if your health insurance will work abroad or if you need to purchase additional coverage. Keep all of this information organized neatly and with you at all times. Don’t panic when something happens, keep a level head and find the best solution to your problem. If your wallet is stolen, be relieved in knowing you left an emergency credit card hidden in your suitcase and that you have the telephone number to the credit card company already with you. In less than 5 minutes the situation can be handled.

Traveling abroad is something that everyone should experience, and shouldn’t be afraid of! As long as you know your surroundings, pack wisely, and you’re prepared for anything, your trip will certainly be a smooth and joyful one.

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