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In the last five years, mobile apps for businesses have become a discussion in every conference room in America. There’s no arguing that smart phones are slowly starting to replace computers – at least for the younger demographic. Teenagers are doing their own research, planning, and scheduling activities with their mobile phone.

Our world is increasingly more and more connected; people are jumping between countries more and more often. So whether you’re traveling across countries’ borders for business or leisure, it’s important to be prepared wherever you go. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, being prepared and being in-the-know is easier now than ever.

Technology is a must have this year, especially for CEOs and other top level executives. Running a company is like being the Patriarch or Matriarch of a family. You represent the company as a whole and everything falls into your hands when things go wrong. This is the reason why you must be prepared for the worst and your organizational skills must be at their best. A good CEO can take care of problems as they arise, but a great CEO will see problems before they become an issue. Today more than anything, technology has become so innovative that it’s nearly impossible to run into problems if your head is on straight – and with our 2013 technology discounts for businesses - it’s impossible to not afford the latest gadgets.

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